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Shah Rukh Khan is a fan of Punjabi movie Warning: Prince Kanwaljit Singh

BY Connect Newsroom, Jan 17, 2024 12:48 AM - REPORT AN ERROR

Shah Rukh Khan is a fan of Punjabi movie Warning: Kanwaljit Singh (Photo: Connect Cine)

The trailer of the much-awaited Punjabi thriller Warning 2 has already struck a chord with the audiences, but it is the famous one-liner, “Veere Pamma Bolda,” that has caught everyone’s attention.

So, Connect Cine decided to invite Pamma aka Prince Kanwaljit for a one-on-one candid chat.

In a freewheeling fun conversation with our host Jasmine Singh, Prince Kanwaljit spoke at length about his upcoming film Warning 2, Gippy's role in his life and career, Punjabi film actors opening production houses and more.

Prince Kanwaljit who is known to pick out of the box roles, was accompanied by his co-actor Jaggi Singh.

Prince had no qualms in admitting that he likes coming to Connect FM Studio and interacting with the team. “I do not have to introduce myself to anyone at Connect FM, they know that each time Prince is here, it is to meet Jasmine for a fun interview. Aithey mahaul hi bahut easy tey fun hunda hai. (The ambience at Connect FM is fun and easy),” Prince shares with visible enthusiasm.

Sporting a pink jacket, disheveled hair, black studs almost glued to his ears, Prince looked comfortable and totally in a mood to crack jokes.

"Did you see the trailer,” he asked the host expecting her to produce some nice adjectives. “If you thought Animal was violent, wait till you see Warning 2,” added Prince KJ. However, he seemed to not like the fact that most people confused Arjun Vailey with Hari Singh Nalwa. “Mera bahut dil dukheya, Arjun Vailey da koi laina deyna nahi Hari Singh Nalwa naal. (I was disheartened to see people compare Arjun Vailey to Hari Singh Nalwa. They are not related," Prince addressed his disappointment.

And when it came to the action genre, Prince validated why Punjabis love action with loads of examples. “Punjabis just love action; it is in their blood. I can tell you whether it was Vinod Khanna, Mukesh Khanna, Dharmendra, whenever audiences saw these actors doing action sequence on screen, they would go crazy. So much so, many people would ape their styles and dialogues too,” shared Prince steering the conversation to the much-awaited film Warning 2 directed by Amar Hundal and written by Gippy Grewal.

Warning 2 is the next level action. Gippy bai has done a fabulous job," Prince enjoyed every bit of the conversation and took long pauses to gather his thoughts. “Gippy bai baarey ki kahan. (What can I say about Gippy Bai). I am here today because of him. I was writing dialogues for Punjabi films like Ik Kudi Punjab, Chak Jawana but he gave me an opportunity to not only write dialogues but to act on them as well," Prince took yet another long pause this time only to come back with his thoughts on director Amar Hundal. “He is a ‘variety,’ someone who is always brimming with ideas to do something different,” Prince threw his head back in a throaty laugh inviting a nod from his co-actor, Jaggi Singh.

During the interview Prince also spoke about Shah Rukh Khan and his son Aryan Khan's fondness for him. “Both SRK and his son liked my role in Warning. In fact they called Gippy to tell him to convey their likeness to me,” Prince added with modesty.

Tune into every bit of this interesting interview here.

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